You plan to visit Romania but you don’t know much about our country. TripTKTS personal travel counsellors can assist you to plan your trip till the last detail either is for leisure or business. Just pick one of our plans and you'll have a personal counsellor during your entire trip through our country. You have more important things to focus on then worry about your bookings or any other detail not related with the goal of the trip. Rely on us to find great rates, create wonderful itineraries, organize and much more.

Everything is tailored just for you

We take our time to know you and understand your expectations. This way we can fully organized your itinerary and give you permanent advising for choosing the best options suited to your needs and budget.

Trust based relation

Providing the perfect trip for you is the main goal of your counsellor. You'll meet him/her on Skype before your trip. Also you'll be in permanent contact with him or her during your stay in our country.

Personal travel management

Your business trip require more than just bookings. With the help of your personal counsellor all you need to do is to focus on your real goals. Everything else is managed by your counsellor.

Professional counseling

Our counsellors are real professionals with more than 15 years experience in the travel industry. Their advices make the difference between a disastrous trip experience and a remarkable one.

Our plans

One vacation - One area

Counseling, organizing and  bookings

Virtual assistance during your vacation

One tour through Romania

Counseling, organizing and bookings

Virtual assistance during your tour

Meeting at the airport and transfer to your hotel (service available only in Bucharest).

Train & Flight TKTS booking

Delivery to your hotel or at the airport or railway station

Available only in Bucharest

Counseling, organizing and bookings

Travel management during your trip

24/7 Virtual assistance

Meeting at the airport and transfer to your hotel (service available only in Bucharest).

Scheduling appointments

Concierge service

None of the above plans suits your needs? Just contact us and together we can build a plan tailored specifically to your demands and your budget. 













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